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September 28

Rewind Wednesday – Interview with Tom Wilson the author/artist for the Ziggy cartoon. This is Tom Wilson II who is carrying on the Ziggy Tradition his father started. Ziggy celebrated 40 years in 2011 (original airdate 6-7-2011).

September 21

Rewind Wednesday – Animal Talk cook out FUN…  In the second hour we spoke to Joe Camp about his new book The Soul of the Horse (Life Lessons from the Herd). He is the trainer, writer, and director of the loveable scruffy dog Benji and the Benji movies.  Joe has also written a few books one called The Naked Horse and others. Information about them can be found on his website:

Joe is a great guy and was a fun interview with insights from our own resident horse expert and producer Joanne.

We also caught up with what is new with Benji.  You can find out more  by listening to the interview and keep up with Benji and his latest adventures at his website:

In the first hour we spoke to Dennis Fett from the Peacock Information Center.  For everything peacock visit his website . It was a very fun interview with Dennis…  check it out.  (Original Airdate 5-24-08)


September 14

Rewind Wednesday – Interview With Richard Belzer
We talk to Richard about the documentary he narrated for the Animal Planet called the “Uprising” . Students from several high school journalism outlets at the summer workshop through MIPA at Michigan State University.

Original Airdate 8-2-2010

September 7

Rewind Wednesday – Andrea Arden, author of several dog books, host of Animal Planet’s “Underdog to Wonderdog”, and so much more. We talk about how President Obama and his first family picked the first dog. No surprise, but there was a little bit of controversy, but what can we learn from their experience. The show starts with an email question and we follow up with more animal fun.
(original air date 4-19-2009).

August 31
Rewind Wednesday – Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald from Animal Planet’s “Emergency Vets”.

We have started a Pateron page. Thanks for considering supporting

August 24
Rewind Wednesday – Jackson Galaxy (Cat Guy) talkin’  cats.

August 21
Fresh Animal Tracks – Zac Barnett is the lead singer of the pop group American Authors. Zac phones in to talk to Jamie and his Journalism Summer workshop students at MIPA – MSU. We talk music, politics, songwriting, and we do get around to animals, we swear.

August 17
Rewind Wednesday – One of our several interview with Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer.

We have started a Pateron page. Thanks for considering supporting

August 10
Rewind Wednesday – Andrea Gordon from Animal Planet’s Whale Wars.

August 3
Rewind Wednesday – Mark Andrews – The Chicken Man. This guy is fantastic.

July 27
Rewind Wednesday – Fred Willard is the best. Such a great interview! Check it out on SoundClould.

July 20
Rewind Wednesday – We had a riot with Jon Provost from the TV series Lassie.

July 13
Re-Boot, Re-Launch. There are years and years of Animal Talk interviews and shows in the archive (which is simply a hard drive on my desk at this point). We want to share some of the best with you. Launching on SoundCloud we will post some of our best shows, interviews and bits every Wednesday. When we have new content it will drop on Sundays. Follow us on SoundCloud or iTunes to be part of the Zoo Crew and download the Animal Talk Radio Podcast. We kick off the best of shows with an interview with Victoria Stilwell for the Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog”.

February 17
We are excited and proud of our co-host Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytes TV. He is now part of the reality show in Discovery TV called Venom Hunters.


2011 – 2015

Dawn Wells – actor

Whale Wars – reality TV

Richard Belzer – actor

Tippi Hedren- actress

Vinnie Dombrowski – Sponge

Tom Wilson – Author of the Ziggy cartoon




July 18
Get ready for August when we add three new stations to our lineup. We are welcoming three stations in Kansas check back to find out who. Plus watch for many changes here on the website and the addition of your YouTube channel – Animal Talk TV find us there

June 20
Peter Hammarstedt from Animal Planet’s Whale Wars joins us for a discussion about the problem of whale hunting and how dangerous the current season of Whale Wars is the website to keep up with the entire crew and what they are up to next. Peter Hammarstedt, featured throughout the third season of Animal Planet’s WHALE WARS. Peter is the first mate on the Sea Shepherd’s newest vessel, the Bob Barker, named after the famous game show host for his generous $5 million dollar donation to the anti-whaling organization. Animal Planet’s WHALE WARS returned for a new 13-episode season on June 4. New episodes air Friday nights at 9 PM (ET/PT).

A mystery Animal game and tons of great animal information

June 13
Donna was a guest on a segment of FOX2 Detroit this week to talk about the movie Marmaduke and how to handle big dogs. She had a ton of fun on set with a very handsome Great Dane. See the video here:

June 6
Can a venomous snake bite and hurt itself? A call from an Animal Talk fan from years ago “Tiger Barb”, nice to hear from her. Fake Animal Songs of the 80’s

May 30
Donna and Paula visited the Dog Bowl in Frankenmuth. They reported back about all the great events and nice people they got to meet.

May 23
Donna and Paula return from Vegas with stories of fun in the sun. Question of the day: Do you take your pet camping with you?

May 16
Promoting the 1st Annual Macomb County Police K-9 Fund Raiser being held June 5th at Rocko’s Pet Depot, 11:00 am – 5:00pm at Hays & 21 Mile Rd, Macomb Township, brought to you by Breeder’s Choice Natural Dog Food.

Dog bite preventions week and how to stay safe.

More great stories as Brian returns from a tour of Australia. He faced some amazing animals.  See the footage at Brian’s website at

May 9
Guest Attorney April Knox talks about legal issues that involve animals. To contact April with a legal question with your pet  call her at 734-281-7100 or the email and their site Brian returns from a tour of Australia. He faced some amazing animals.  Recap of the Pet Parade the almost was. The Michigan weather got the best of us and the day. Sideways rain and gale force winds we decided to move the Pet Parade to July 17th. Stay tuned for more details. (and Happy Mother’s Day)

May 2
Last week before the Pet Parade. We took some time to talk about all the events and all the vendors that will be with us at Addison Oaks on May 8th. You need to be there.

April 25
Guest from the Animal Planet, Victoria Stillwell. She is the host of “It’s Me or the Dog”. We talked about the latest season of the show and about her training methods. Make sure you download the podcast from the WDTK site, and to find out more about Victoria and her training at

Talked about the Pet Parade coming up May 8 at Addison Oaks too.

April 11
Jamie was out but the crew managed to find the power button and had fun with a bunch of callers and delivered some great animal information.

April 4
Happy Easter J Best of…

March 28
Question of the day… Have you ever taken your pet to work (we just did, see our photo gallery). Some great calls about pet health for Dr. Brad and information about our Pet Parade May 8 @ Addison Oaks, and Bark for Life coming up April 18 @ Kensington more info at

March 21
Talking about Dog Parks and do you take your dog? Most people really like a fun run with their pet at the dog park, and have not had any trouble out there. Talk about more fun out doors with us on May 8th The Pet Parade at Addison Oaks. Mark your calendar.

March 14
The question was what breed of dog would you elect as the “State Dog” for your state? Checked in with Brian from on the road in Texas at a big reptile event there.

March 7
Brian our resident Reptile Wrangler is back and ready to help with cold blooded critters. He was out with a cold and then helping Jack Hanna with some big snakes. Paula had a Newshawk editorial about the problems with the Tigers in Florida. A first look at our Pet Parade coming up at Addison Oaks on May 8th, confirmed Milt Wilcox and his Ultimate Air Dogs…  much more to come.

February 28
Discussing the Killer Whale, the killing at Sea World, and the question is should the whale be put down.

January 31
Jamie’s out sick but the rest of the crew continues forth with animal fun and information.

January 24
We had a great time at the Motor City Winter Classic Dog Show this weekend. Thanks to everyone that came out and said hi.

January 17
While Brad is at a conference Dr. Jenna Ashton from Michigan Veterinary Specialists joined us to help with medical questions. Jenna was great with the medical advice and even had some fun talking about glow in the dark cats. joining us to for a chat was the co-founder of Betsey Saul to help in a conversation about cold weather and keeping pets safe in the winter.

January 10
It’s a holly jolly Animal Talk as we celebrate the holidays together and help you with your pet questions.

January 3
Brad’s annual list of great things over heard in the clinic.



May 3
A chat with the CEO of Bark Busters Liam Crowe talks to us about dog misbehavior and proper etiquette for your pet.  Liam has a great Australian accent.

An update about the Kentucky Derby, great hats.  Some great calls from our online listeners.  Info on the Swine Flu…  do you and your pets have to be worried?

April 26 
Ryan Buck from West Paw Designs…  dog & cat toys that are created from recycled materials and a very green mission from the company. Our dog Zoe can’t keep away from it…  these are great products. Check them out!

April 19
Andrea Arden, author, and host of Animal Planet’s Underdog to Wonderdog  joins us to talk about bringing home a new dog like the First Family is planning on.  We talk about how you can introduce a new dog into your home.

Picking the right food is always a concern. Andrea likes Wellness Natural brand dog food.

April 12

April 5
Brad and tales from the clinic. Some strange stuff this week. What does the M on a Tabby cat’s forehead stand for? Find out during the second hour.

March 29
Signs your cat might be overweight… and great animal callers.

March 22
Great animal Information.

March 15
Iditarod update – Tricky Trivia – St. Patrick’s day song from Brad – The Gorilla and The Fish. Emily The Chickadee – Carol Zalaya

March 8
Ever want a home cooked meal for your dog. Dr. Janice from Lucky Dog Cuisine makes meals from scratch with only natural ingredients. Homemade shipped fresh to you meals for your dog.  Update of the Iditarod and the action from the trail.

March 1
Tricky Trivia – Animal News and a DVD giveaway UnTamed and UnCut from the Animal Planet.  From Canine Confections we spoke to Jennifer about very special treats for dogs.  Handmade gorgeous and delicious.

February 22
Dr. Angela Hughes, DVM Talks to us about Breed Mix analysis Wisdom Panel MX can tell you what mix your mixed breed dog may be.

February 15
As always great animal information, and today a fun tricky trivia. What needs to eat the most in proportion to its body weight? A baby, a bird, or a cat? (a bird). A great bad animal joke this week too. Listen to the podcast at to hear it again.

February 8
Our guest today from the VP of Shelter Outreach, Kim Saunders, checked in to tell us about the new book calledThe Adopted Dog Bible. It is truly a one stop for all your dog questions. From helping you pick the right dog for your family to basic training to medical questions and dealing with older dogs.

February 1
Best of programming while we went to Florida to check out what was being touted as one of the largest animal related events of the year. Thousands converged live and millions watched on TV for what we heard was the Superb Owl. Oh wait…   never mind.

January 25
Special guests today from the movie All Roads Lead Home Director Dennis Fallon and actress Vivienne Cardon.  It is a touching story about second chances and family. It is all based on a farm and around animals and pets. Look for it out on video now. This was Peter Boyle’s last movie and we ask Dennis and Vivienne what it was like working with such an icon. Journalism student Sarah Politis joins the panel to help with the interview. In the second hour we cover great animal questions and give away DVDs. Copies of “The Great Polar Bear Adventure” to some lucky listeners.

January 18
Best of

January 11
President elect Obama and his family have almost made their decision about the new First Dog. It looks like either Portuguese Water Dog or a Labradoodle will get the appointment. We asked the Animal Talk listeners to voice their opinion in our poll and we got suggestions for everything from potbelly pigs to monkeys. A mixed breed dog is the best suggestion. Visit the AKC’s poll on line

In the second hour we spoke with author Alison Sawyer Current who runs an animal rescue in Mexico. She is doing some good work spreading the idea that pets should be spayed and neutered and we applaud her for that; find out more about her and her rescue at More about her book here

Have you ever had a pet dropped at your door step? Tell us about it.

January 4
Happy New Year…   Starting off the new year with great callers and a wonderfully bad…  bad Animal Joke…  What do you call a bear with no ear?  (wait for it)…  a “B”… ouch ok that was bad…  more to come and you can send your bad animal joke to share




December 28 
Best of…  in honor of the new movie with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson we revisited our interview with Marley & Me author John Grogan. The man who really lived through the antics acted out by Jen & Owen.

December 21
Christmas Show…  Dr. Brad’s list of amazing things people have said over the past year. Donna’s Bear Can is being replaced with a Bear Bell. Zoo Crew…  Shianne and questions about the dog Diesel and training suggestions.

December 7
Real or fake…  Sunday night question, but it has nothing to do with Desperate Housewives. The debate rages…  Christmas Trees real or fake. Will you give a gift to your pet? You decide. Bad Animal Joke of the week and fun with the news. Great Animal Information too.

November 30
Best of… revisiting the chickenman

November 23
Discussing the revival or the Woolly Mammoth…  they are bringing it back, just like in Jurassic Park. Approach this show with caution…  the bad animal joke of the week is really really bad.

November 16
Tribute to hunting season…  fun animal songs…

November 9
Emmy nominated Judge David Young in conjunction with the HSUS kicks off a special show every Friday for “Thank Dog It’s Friday” taking on pet and animal related cases. Judge Young is great and helped a caller with a question about a run in with a vicious dog. Find out more about Judge David at his website

November 2
Best of…

October 26
Halloween show  – Alexandra has created a touching way to memorialize your pet…  Huggable Urns. They come in all shapes and sizes…  you have to see her website and you will be touched.

October 19
More fun with Fred Willard (repeat)

October 12
Warm your heart with of “Chicken Soup for the Soul’s” latest edition “Loving Your Dog” and “Loving Your Cat” two separate new books that will inspire and move you. The editor of the ‘Chicken Soup’ books, Amy Newmark,  joined us to talk about what you will find in these editions and how you might share a story of your own.

October 5
Our guest Fred Willard visits to talk about the First Annual Fido Awards on Nic@Nite. Fred is great ever since he and Martin Mull put lab rats in polyester leisure suits on Fernwood Tonight, we’ve been fans. Listen to the interview and all the other animal fun.

September 28
Today on the show, tons of Animal Fun, and your email questions answered. Brad wanted to recap how Jamie asked Colleen to marry him, so if you want to know how he did it (sappy romantic alert) listen in.

September 21
Another pet food recall for all the info you can look up the product codes.  The company is doing a great job of getting the word out about the recall check the link if you are concerned about what you are feeding your pet.

The Zoo Crew (our studio audience) has an impromptu costume contest with the items around the studio and in their purses (can you say duct tape and eyeliner, fun).

September 14
Author of  “A Friend Like Henry”, Nula Gardner , stopped by to tell us about a wonderful story of how her family dog Henry helped her son, and her family cope with autism.  A touching book and a great example.

September 7
What lessons can we learn from an owl? Stacey O’Brien, author of “Wesley The Owl”, tells us about how an owl became part of her life.

August 24
Animal Planet’s “Orangutan Island” DVD giveaway.

August 17
Best of…

August 10
Animal Plant’s “Growing Up Safari” DVD giveaway. Discussion about Hills Foods

August 3
Best of….

July 27
Caller Chris wanted to tell us about a great rescue organization. Find out about them on the web at

July 20
Our guest today is the CEO of Patrick Byrne. Patrick and the company made the decision to stop selling fur products. It was a $5 million revenue risk that is paying off for the company (and animals too).  We also spoke to Dr. Werber about traveling and surviving summer heat. A great product to help thin out your pet’s coat and keep them cool is the Furminator. Keep shedding in control with all their great products at

July 13
We spoke to Patrick Hoffman from Solvit Products about traveling with your pet and all the great products they offer to make it easier and keep your pets safe. Their slogan is ‘No Pet Left Behind’. You have to check out the great stuff at

July 6
Rebroadcast of the Jon Provost interview…  lots of fun.

June 29
Donna on the road checking in from an Animal Talk House Call. We discuss trimming pets nails and noise from thunderstorms and fireworks and how to cope with both.

June 22
A very special surprise guest from Hollywood. We did not tell Donna and Brad who it was, and they had to figure out the identity of our guest What’s My Line style… It was great fun and a great guest. Celebrating 50 years in Hollywood Jon Provost who played Timmy in the original Lassie series. Figuring out his identity was great and he is a great guest. Jon has a new book Timmy’s in the Well: The Jon Provost Story.

Fine the book at your local bookstore or online sellers. Keep up with Jon at his website If you buy the book there you will get a signed copy from Jon. He is  also very involved with Canine Companions for Independence. These are service dogs supplied for free to people who need them. More info about service dog

June 15
Brad brought in a news story about a new sad trend of fake prescriptions for animals being sold on line…  be careful and don’t be taken. If you have had a problem contact the EPA.

Today we also had two very special guests.  First from the Animal Planet (yes the Cable channel) Dr. Debra Horwitz the host of House Cat House Call.

In hour two the author of Thanking The Monkey, Karen Dawn. Karen takes a look at how animals fit into our lives and how we fit into theirs. It was a fun interview listen to the podcast.  Find her book everywhere

June 8
Finally caught up with an interview with Kathleen Summers  of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) from the puppy mill section. Kathleen gives us some good insights into the prolific problem the pet industry faces. Here are their websites with a wealth of information.

The second hour…  MMMM…    tastes like chicken. Chicken Man joins us for a clukin’ good time. Mark Andrews is the Chicken Man and has a troupe of talented and entertaining chickens…  be prepared for the puns. Mark entertains with a positive message. Listen to the interview for more information and visit Mark’s website

June 1
Rebroadcast as we head out to hang with Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Before he joined the Peppers Chad was in a band in the Detroit area. The band is Toby Redd, and they did a reunion show not to be missed. Photos from the show should be up

May 25
Animal Talk cook out FUN…  In the second hour we spoke to Joe Camp about his new book The Soul of the Horse (Life Lessons from the Herd). He is the trainer, writer, and director of the loveable scruffy dog Benji and the Benji movies.  Joe has also written a few books one called The Naked Horse and others. Information about them can be found on his website:

Joe is a great guy and was a fun interview with insights from our own resident horse expert and producer Joanne.

We also caught up with what is new with Benji.  You can find out more  by listening to the interview and keep up with Benji and his latest adventures at his website:

In the first hour we spoke to Dennis Fett from the Peacock Information Center.  For everything peacock visit his website . It was a very fun interview with Dennis…  check it out.

May 18 
Off to a rough start with a technical glitch, but back on track only to subject you to a very bad and very badly out of tune ukulele.

Donna on the road on an Animal Talk House Call, she finds herself in Minnesota and joins us live from the studios at our syndicator, the Genesis Communications Network.

Also with us today George Kabala, the inventor of the Rock and Roll cat feeder…  you have to see this device to believe it. It has so many uses…  check out the interview to find out more or see George’s website.

Fred and Linda have created a phenomenal pet door and visited with us to talk all about it. It’s the Classy Custom Pet Portal. Find them on line

May 11
Our guest today in hour one, from the New York State Zoo, was Director John Foster. He updated us on what the NYS Zoo is all about, and what is new for the summer. If you plan to be near upstate New York plan to visit with John.  Visit their site and listen to the interview for all the great activities planned at the zoo.

A discussion about the Kentucky Derby and another injured horse put down on the track. Yikes!

Dave Fortson – talking about traveling with your pet and looking forward to a great summer. Dave also invented a great tool called a Brush Buddy. Check in out…  We have photos of Colin giving it a test brush with Zoe.

April 27 & May 4
best of… truly best of.

April 20
More follow up on the column about where to get a pet. What constitutes a puppy mill? Who regulates and/or tries to police them keep them honest?

In the second hour we spoke to Red from Pet Butler about dog waste and why picking it up is so important to do. Can you say toxins in the ground water

April 13
Follow up on our column in the Detroit Free Press. We received more comments on this latest column than ever before. Check it out in our archive. The question is where do you get a new dog/puppy? And the answer led to a discussion about how many people believe that pet stores are  nothing but outlets for puppy mills and promote animal cruelty.

April 6 
Donna is back from her ‘Animal Talk House Calls’ and is helping you with any behavior problem. Our guest today is John Grogan, author of Marley and Me. John has a great website

March 30
Back from Branson, MO, great time with a great pet ventriloquist Todd Oliver. We talked about cat declaws and sharks with laser beams on their heads. You have to listen to find out what one has to do with the other. In the second hour a fun parody song about cats.

March 16
Brad’s annual St. Patrick’s Day song…  It’s a grand ancient Celtic song he just wrote. Also with politics and the presidential primaries in full swing we show you how to tell if your pet is a Republican or Democrat.

March 9
Video Streaming for the first time…  There’s an idea that just might catch on… Moving pictures to go with the radio sound. We could be on to something. An interesting question about how early is too early to breed a dog?

March 2
Donna is back from the road and her Animal Talk House calls to help with all your calls. Roark is here to help us as well with all your reptile and fish questions. In honor of Roark being fired up we have a parody fish song today for you too.

February 24
The top 9 excuses your dog breaks curfew….  Oh I smell a bit…  good one…  ROF – Roark On Fire US Fish & Wildlife Services gives an scenario that pythons will overrun the South. Roark says it bunk.

February 17
Talking  to Ceasar Milan – yes that Cesar – the Dog Whisperer. In the second hour a great question about a mix breed dog. Training devices and why they have horrible names.

February 10
Selections from your dog’s  & cat’s diaries (not to be missed). In honor of the Grammys and friend of the show Peter Himmelman being nominated for a Grammy we will have one of his songs.

January 27
We have the inside scoop about what would be happening on your favorite TV shows if the strike could have happened on the shows.

January 20
No Brad but a great ‘Bad Animal Joke’ Q: How do you make a milk shake? A: You give a cow a pogo stick…  ha…  yea they are bad; that’s the point.

January 13
Brad has a new side project…  we have a clip of his latest book on tape… He’s reading the dictionary. We get help Roark in the second hour with some cold-blooded questions. Brad also has new cartoons up on the web…  great stuff

January 6
Brad has a list of all the very silly things people have said over the year.

December 9 2007
We just debuted our column in the Detroit Free Press. Check out the pet Q&A every Sunday in the paper and on  Brad is on the phone with us and we have questions for him. ‘Bad Animal Joke of the Week’ Q: Why do elephants lay on their backs with their feet in the air? A:  To trip birds…  yes they are bad, that’s the point.





December 2
Great call about a new puppy potty training issue and the late night wake up bark…  how do you keep you pup quite overnight? Donna helps our caller. Caller poll what are you giving your pet for the holidays?

November 25
There was a lion loose on a highway in Ohio. Why own an exotic pet or a wild animal? Some people are driven to have a strange pet, but is it a good idea?  No. Check out our conversation about the wild things.
Live in studio Tracy brought her dog in with a skin problem for Dr. Brad to take a closer look.

November 18
Guest today Animal Communicator Frances Greenspan. She can actually connect and communicate with animals. Find out more about Frances at her web site

November 11
An interesting call from a listener who is blind and wanted suggestion about how to poop scoop after his dog. You have to hear our answers…  no, really we were helpful.

October 28
Jerry Seinfeld’s new movie, The Bee Movie, comes out this week. We revisited our interview with Jerry. We also talked about what is safe for your pet on Halloween? Find out how to get your pet ready for the swarm of visitors to the house. In studio in our Zoo Crew, Colin helped out with the discussion.

October 14
News out of San Antonio, a woman traded her car to get her dog back. We don’t advocate paying rewards to get a pet back, but what would you give to get a pet back? Your car? House? Other kids?  Dr Brad took his staff for their annual visit to the Zoo for autumn cider and donuts. We had some fun with a song from Peter Himmelman. Lots of great animal questions too.

October 7
More show than we know what to do with today.  An interview with Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, He has a new book, a new set of DVDs, and a new season of the Dog Whisperer on the Animal Planet. Find out every thing Cesar is up to at his web site
We also have  an interview with Jerry Seinfeld about his new movie, The Bee Movie. Four years in the making and Jerry is finally talking about the project.

September 23
Kelly has a degree in Zoo and Aquarium Science from MSU. She is a new voice on Animal Talk, and she is going to help us with questions that have to do with fish.

September 16
Donna was able to visit Roark’s Reptile Safari and has a report about all the gators.

September 9
How do you select the right pet for you? Always a good question that always starts with information. Doing your homework is always the first step to a happy relationship with your companion animal. Dr. Diane Pomerance checked in to help with this topic and talk about her new book, “Pet Parenthood: Adopting the Right Animal Companion For You.”

Get all the info

September 2
On the way in November is The World Games (also known as the “Doggie Olympics”) is a HUGE event, previously featured on ESPN, Late Show with David Letterman and NBC Nightly News. We spoke to Ken Tatsch founder of the United States Dog Agility Association.

August 26
Erin Streeter, the acting director of the Ready Campaign for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security checked in to talk about September being National Preparedness month and what pet owner should do to be ready. At, pet owners can also view an instructional video, developed by Homeland Security and The Humane Society of the United States, featuring a family developing an emergency plan for their pets.

August 19
Question from a caller; Is a cat a good pet for a young man? We discussed the merits of owning a cat, because cats are awesome pets. We also talk about what a puppy and a jeep could do for you.

August 12
We tried to console a caller who was attacked by her own dog. How and why would a dog attack it’s own owner? In this case it had to do with a dog that had dominance issues and body language that was unintentional.

July 29
More on Michael Vick and the dog fighting as the saga begins to heat up we speak with Ann Chinawyth from the HSUS and their involvement in the investigation.

July 15
Brad had a tarantula abandoned at his clinic. We talked to Roark about how to care for an eight-legged friend. Caller poll: Have you ever had a pet dumped on your door step.

July 8
Report from Brad on his visit to the Rocky Mt. National Park.

June 10
As news breaks about Vick and the dog fighting we speak to John Goodwin from HSUS about how wide spread the problem of dog fighting is in the U.S. It’s not limited to football but is glorified in some rap music by artists like DMX and Jay-Z.

June 3
Donna’s dog had a small cut, but her kitchen looked like a scene out of a horror show with blood all over. What to do if your pet has a cut.

May 23
The documentary “Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill” makes it broadcast premier on PBS this month. We spoke to the director and the subject of the movie.

May 13
More updates on the food recalls. Fun with puppy potty training; the parody song “Makin’ Poopie”.

May 6th
Talking Kentucky Derby and the way some people are using it as a way to promote their political agenda. They are trying to shut down horse slaughterhouses. HR 249 recently passed shutting down the slaughterhouses. Keeping on the political track there is legislation to try and protect the pet food supply. More news on the Pet Food Recall current links above.

April 29th
Brad helps defend a poor defenseless squirrel in a city park and almost got beat up by a gang of youths. FUN. We have a very special deal when you can save money and protect your pet. Check out the information:

Latest on the pet food recall check these sites:





April 22th
Spring is in the air and summer will be here before we know it, and it will be time for family vacations. Pets are part of the family and Emmanuel from Pet Ego tell us about their products for traveling with your pets. Getting out and about and on the road with your pets in style; Pet Ego.

In the second hour our guest was Andrea Hurst author of The Lazy Dog’s Guide to Enlightenment the book is a fun look at the lesson we can learn from our furry friends. Find it at all the online booksellers and more information at their site

April 15th
More news on the Pet Food Recall current links above.

April 8th
Best of… rebroadcast for the Easter Holiday

April 1st
Busy show, as Jamie’s voice is blown out with a cold, our guest from WE TV Elise tells us about her new show “Adventures in Doggie Day Care.” More info at the network site and hers: or

ASPCA celebrates the 141st anniversary and we talk with Joe Sullivan about that and the kick off for the national anticruelty of animals month.

Again the Pet Food Recall concerns continue see the links above.

March 25th
Much of the show today devoted to the huge recall of pet food over 40 cat foods and over 50 dog foods of the “cuts and gravy” style canned and pouch style foods. The parent company that manufactured the food has a comprehensive list of recalled foods. Find it on their website

The FDA is posting regular updates on the situation as well. Please check these sites out to get the detailed info of what to look for in your pet and what foods have been called back.

Our guest in the second hour was Dr. Steven Hansen DVM from the ASPCA. He holds several degrees and is a toxicologists and gave us insight on chemical aspects of this case. Lots of great information… listen to the podcast of the show and check the links above for the most current information.

In the first hour we also spoke to author of Let the Dog Decide Dale Stavroff find it at amazon dot com and more info at his website.

March 18th 
Adam Sandler was in Detroit for a screening of his new movie REIGN OVER ME and he, along with the director Michigan-guy Mike Binder, did a Q&A session after the movie. We ran a rebroadcast to talk to Adam and see the movie. Great movie for as serious as the topic is, it’s very funny.

March 11th 
The last show before St. Patrick’s Day and that means Dr. Brad’s annual traditional ancient St. Patrick’s song he just wrote “The Gorillas and The Fish”. He does this live and well worth checking out. Our guest today designed a dog food bowl to help slow down eager eating dogs. Michael Kitchen (great name for a guy who redesigned a dog food bowl). Great idea and a great product. find them on line.

March 4th
Hamster balls? Where do you stand. Would you put your pet hamster in the plastic ball that they can run around the house. Musical Debut of the latest Animal Track, it’s Chasing Cats (all our apologies to Snow Patrol).

Feb 25th
There is a spa package available to win from We spoke to Dr. Bob about the contest and about pet dental health. We also talked about cats; indoor/outdoor is it safe?

Feb 18th
Rebroadcast for winter break – Brad talks about fondue is a fondon’t for your pet. On the show, your calls and we addressed questions about the severe cold

Feb 11th
Hour one was nothing but silly, but in a good way. We wanted to find out what Valentine’s Day and Skunks have in common besides Peppy LePue. Laura Simon, Field Director of Urban Wildlife for the Humane Society of the United States, helped us unravel this mystery. Mid-February is the start of mating season for skunks and you might find some smelly surprises this time of year. How to cope? Laura had a great answer. If your pet (or you) are sprayed by a skunk you can clean up easily by following this easy recipe. (Mix a quart of hydrogen peroxide with a ¼ cup of baking soda and a teaspoon of liquid dish soap) This will rid your pet of the odors. Getting help getting rid of the pest. Laura had a few suggestions on that too. Listen to the show or for more info. Visit the HSUS, a very deserving organization in our opinion.

We also talked about the super special deal we have for you on a membership to Help Me Find My Pet. Check out the link on the main page for more information. Hour two your great calls and Lisa Peterson from the American Kennel Club to help up talk about dental tips and how and why to brush your pet’s teeth. February is Pet Dental Health Month. Don’t forget we had Roark and the Bad Animal Joke of the Week in this hour as well.

Feb 4th Super Bowl Sunday!
Great news for the Midwest this weekend, Phil, the Groundhog, didn’t see his shadow! How cold is too cold for a pet to be outside? Email questions and great news stories. Donna tackles the issues of Canine Aggression with a caller in the second hour.

Jan 28th
Happy late Birthday Dr Brad! Jamie asks why his cat Kirby would suddenly urinate on a new toy. Email question: Would the world be better off if there were no Pit Bulls? Jamie, Donna, and Dr Brad weigh in their two cents on this topic. Brad shares the News from around the Globe. Should there be new legislation on Animal Cruelty? Jamie, Donna and Dr Brad give their Super Bowl Predictions.

Jan 21st
What do computers and pets have in common? Top Tag creator Peter Norback joins us in the first hour. www.toptagpetid.comthis thumb drive can hold tons of pertinent information about your pet. In the second hour, Brad shares with us some of the crazy new products he saw while at the North American Veterinarian Conference.

Jan 14th
Nick Acosta, President of joins us in the first hour to talk about the great new program Animal Talk is offering. Got a cat with Prey Drive? Donna tells us how to curb an over zealous cat’s behavior. Email questions and Roark share’s his expertise on reptiles and conservation.

Jan 7th
Looking for a new dog or cat? Try your local shelter! Brad shares his week with us and tells us why dogs and human medications don’t mix. Our guest in the second hour was Dennis Money Dennis shares with us the plight of the Worlds largest herd of white deer roaming in New York State.






December 31st – (rebroadcast)
Welcome in the new year… with your pets

December 30st
Our guest today Dennis Money, the Executive Director of the Genesee Waterways Center, to talk about the problem facing a herd of white deer and people trying to take away their land.

December 23rd & 24th…
Rebroadcasts Merry Christmas everyone!

December 17th
A big turkey dinner before a show made us a little silly today…  we had our holiday dinner before the show and the tryptophan was kickin in.

December 16th 
Even dog trainer’s dog misbehave…  Donna’s new pup was acting out and she had to step up the training…  good dog? bad dog? how did she work it out listen to find out.

December 10th
Donna’s sister’s cat “Tuffy” had an abscess they think it is from a bite from another cat. Brad gives it a look live on the air. It’s always exciting to see if Brad will get shredded to pieces. Great calls and tons of animal fun.

December 9th

December 2nd & 3rd 
Tribute to hunters…  our annual nod to the men (and women) out and about wearing bright orange. We helped a friend of Jamie’s who is expecting and wanted to know what steps should be taken to prepare her dog for the arrival of the new baby. A very busy show today because we were also able to talk to Dr. Bernadine Cruz about how (especially during this holiday season) our pets can put on too much weight. A program to help get your dog back in shape from Novartis is called ‘Steps to Play More’ more info online at In the second hour Rourke helped with an iguana and we continued our tribute to hunters plus the bad animal joke of the week…  how much fun can you stand.

November 26th
An email from a listener asked if we thought ‘shock collars’ were good for training? Do they hurt? Well Donna had one in the car and we strapped it on ourselves to see what it felt like and proceeded to shock each other throughout the rest of the show.  YIKES

November 25th
Guest Dr. Diane Pomerance author of “Finding Peace After the Loss of a Loved Animal Companion“, about getting, actually giving a pet as a gift around the holidays. Why is that a bad idea? What to do as an alternative.

November 18th
Donna checked in from the road in Georgia making an Animal Talk house call  & 19th  What to look for in a doggie day care…  Ok it’s actually a bad bit. We actually had some good tips from the HSUS about making sure you winterize to keep wild critters outside where they belong.

November 11th
best of & 12th Donna is all over the place, today calling in from Tennessee. We talked about a cat in Brad’s clinic that was almost killed by its owners. They gave the cat a dog flea dip. Read the directions!!!  Many products that will be safe for one pet could kill another.

November 4th & 5th
Puppy boot camp! A weekend with Donna for a ‘suspected’ aggressive puppy. Turns out the pup not aggressive but more of an issue with how he was being trained.

October 28th
“The Dog Ate It” author, Linda Eckhardt talks about her special cookbook that has recipes that you and your pet can & 29th Halloween fun, tips, and advice about helping your pet cope with what could be a stressful day.

October 22nd
Dr. Brad was at the World Series game and we had on the air with us a rebroadcast with St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa. Tony has a pet project called “The Animal Rescue Foundation” (ARF). It is a great organization and Tony is a great guy.

October 21st & 22nd
21st Guest Anthony Zolezzi author of “How Dog Food Saved the Earth” was with us to talk about proper treats for your pet on Halloween and tips to keep your pet safe and happy. Pet Promise and their snacks are a good alternative according to Anthony.

October 14th & 15th
(14th) We talked about dog boredom and how to combat it. A great toy for that is the Kongtime, you can find lots of great toys at (15th) Celebrating Tigers and with helping behavior.

October 7th  & 8th
(7th) Author of the book From Baghdad With Love, Lt. Col. Jay Kopelman, shared with us the story of a great dog (Lava) he was able to bring home from Baghdad (8th) Roark has suggestions and information for new snake owners. He recommends as a good site for info and buying reptiles.

September 30th & October 1st

September 23rd & 24th
(23rd) Best of (24th) Brad recounts his travels and wildlife encounters through Africa.  Questions about proper toys for puppies: Do dead rats make good toys?  Brad talks of the dangers of allowing a pup to play with dead rats.  Roark joins us to help answer listener questions.  Do feral cats make good house pets?  Donna talks about how to get your dog used to the Vet office and nail trims.

September 16th & 17th
(16th) John from GCN celebrates his new puppy and gets training tips from Donna.  Jamie and Donna discuss captive breeding programs Zoos participate in to keep species from extinction, as well as what responsibilities we have to the animal conservation. (17th) best of.

September 9th & 10th
(9th) Jamie and Donna talk about the great conservation works of Steve Irwin, who will be greatly issed.  (10th) Dr Trish Madsen joins us to help with the medical concerns while Brad is on Photo Safari in Africa.  Roark is on hand for reptile questions, and Brad calls via satellite phone from Africa while being serenaded by Hyena’s.

September 9th & 10th 
(9th) Jamie and Donna talk about the great conservation works of Steve Irwin, who will be greatly missed.  (10th) Dr
Trish Madsen joins us to help with the medical concerns while Brad is on Photo Safari in Africa.  Roark is on hand for reptile questions, and Brad calls via satellite phone from Africa while being serenaded by Hyena’s.

September 2nd & 3rd 
Best of

August 26th & 27th
(26th) Best of (27th) When the cat’s away, the mice will
play. Donna is out of town, and Jamie and Brad are on their own.  Interview for the up coming movie “How to Eat Fried Worms” and a caller poll: What do you do with your pet when no one’s looking?  Jamie confesses to sharing-bite for bite-apples with his cat Kirby, as well as dancing with him around.
Caller Robin admits to sharing water out of his mouth with his dog!

August 19th & 20th
(19th) Donna talks about her recent trip to Texas and the wildlife encounters there.  Jamie asks: Can dogs get sunburned?  Jamie and Donna help callers with Rabbit questions and how to prepare a dog for the arrival of a new baby. (20th) Donna talks about the commitment of training when working with behavior problems.  Bad Animal Joke of the Week: What’s worse than a centipede with sore feet?  Roark joins us to answer reptile questions.

August 12th & 13th
(12th) best of  (13th) Interview with the Broken Lizard Comedy Troop.  Brad recaps recent news stories-Trainer kills dog during lesson.  Donna, Jamie and Brad discuss how to find a good trainer in your area and what methods of training are good. to find
local dog trainers and behaviorists. We also spoke with Angela Baier of the New York State Zoo at Thompson Park about conservation and captive breeding

August 5th & 6th 
Brad, Jamie and Donna discuss the issues in China.
Stemming from a fear of Rabies, public over-reaction has caused numerous deaths to dogs.  On a lighter note, Jamie shares with us the Top Reasons for you dog to break curfew.  Do Tiger’s make good pets?  Email question sparks
conversation for sponsorship of Zoo’s and adopting wildlife through and .

July 30th, 2006
Best of …

July 29th, 2006
Our guest Lassie…  yes Lassie…  woof…  A new movie this fall and a new dog food to talk (bark) about.
Guest today also, Susan Richards author of “Chosen By a Horse” how animal bring balance to our lives…  the book is available at all the online booksellers and major outlets.

July 23rd, 2006
Brad, Jamie and Donna talk about the dangers of having your pets in a hot car.  Looking for a dog trainer in your area? can locate dog trainers and animal behaviorists in your area.  Rourke helps us preview the theme song for the movie, Snakes on a Plane.  Premise of the movie? They’re snakes… and they’re on a plane.  Rourke also help dispel the urban legend of sucking the venom out of a snake bite wound.

July 16th, 2006
Donna recounts the “perfect” student.  Question of the week-Do dogs mourn?  Dr Brad, Donna, & Jamie discuss ways to help your dog cope with the loss of a pack member.  Bad Animal Joke of the Week, just plain bad.  Rourke from is with us to answer all your scaly questions.  Have a reptile question, send it to

July 8th & 9th, 2006
Jamie survives & actually has fun on his camping trip.  Brad helps with the medical questions.  Donna discusses dog dominance.  Jaeson from was with us to share unique gifts for the pet lover in your life-a bobble head of your pet!  In hour 2, our resident horse expert, Joanne, helps us answer Horse training questions.  Brad wins the Fact of Fiction-managing to outwit our listeners!

July 1st & 2nd, 2006
Donna gives advice for Firework phobic pets.  Jamie shares his fear of being eaten by a bear while on his camping trip.  How can the musical Jesus Christ Superstar save you from a bear attack?  Dr. Brad explains how.  In hour 2 Russell Mead was on to discuss the fate of Louis the attack cat and his owner. Callers share encounters with nature stories.

June 25th, 2006
Best of…

June 17th & 18th, 2006
Happy Father’s Day!  Our guest, Chrissy Newman, shares her book Pitt Road Pets.  Jamie, Brad and Donna prepare for National Take your Dog to Work Day June 23rd, caller poll-Do you take your pets to work?  Word of the day according to Jamie… Fantastic!

June 10 & 11, 2006
Tons of animal fun and information. A caller has a question on how to tell the difference between aggression and just an overly frisky dog that is trainable. A tough question.

June 4, 2006
Our Guest Ron Kagan, the Director of the Detroit Zoo, joined us for a discussion about how important zoos are to our communities. The Detroit Zoo was in jeopardy of closing due to silly politics with the City of Detroit, thankfully the City got all that resolved and we can simply concentrate on the great things the zoo has to offer to its visitors. Visiting Detroit; The Detroit Zoo is a great destination with the Arctic Ring of Life; Polar Bear exhibit and the Australian Walkabout Adventure where you can walk with the kangaroos.

June 3, 2006
Rebroadcast from Memorial Day.

May 27 & 28, 2006
On the show (27th) dog parent and author Andrea Rains Waggener. She wrote the book “Dog Parenting: How to Have an Outrageously Happy, Well-Adjusted Canine”. Book is available at all retailer and your online sellers. More info and resources at Andrea’s site
Our first emails for Roark our new reptile expert.

May 21, 2006
Donna on the phone from Phoenix doing some nation wide dog training, Dr. Brad on the mend from the dog bite he took a few weeks ago. Update on the Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro’s broken leg. Discussions about urban legends the fact the cocomulch can be harmful even fatal to pets. According to it’s true.
Introducing our new Reptile expert Roark from Reptile Welcome Roark, thanks for your help. Send your reptile question to

May 20, 2006
Guest today is Anthony Zolezzi the author of “How Dog Food Saved the Earth”.  The story of the creation of a company that focuses on creating an organic pet food. for more information about the book and the actual product and company.

May 13 & 14, 2006
Animal phobias, what’s yours? Donna is fearful of alligators. Jamie’s fear is large bugs and Elton John. Donna actually laughed at the Bad Animal Joke this week.

May 6 & 7, 2006
This weekend actress/singer Brie Larson, from the movie HOOT, called in and we interviewed her with the help of  two of Jamie’s journalism students, Aaron Hamel & Kyle Snarski.
A caller relates a story about video that he took of a large black cat (250 lbs.) in South Carolina. There is no native cat of that size in that area. Hmmmm could it be a thought to be extinct cat back in the area?

April 29 & 30, 2006
Donna on the road with some puppy seminars; on the 29th she was in Hoffman Estates, Illinois for the grand opening of the Aquarium Adventure & Petland. Great callers today
‘Bad Animal Joke of the Week’ – What city do cows love most in the U.S.A.? Moo York City. Fun with the mad cow sound effect.

April 23, 2006 
Donna actually visited the Omaha area for the grand opening of the Petland in Omaha.
Caller had a question about ‘shedless grooming’; a new process?
In hour 2 on the 23rd Peggy Vandame joined us to talk about her new product the Ultimate Puppy Tool Kit. It is a package of information that comes with support for a new dog/puppy owner. Good ideas and tips for your new pup.

April 22, 2006
Donna walked through the steps to get a dog comfortable with getting his nails trimmed.
‘Bad Animal Joke of the Week’ was truly bad. Where does a bee go to the bathroom? The BP Station. Send your bad animal jokes to Tune in every week for more bad animal jokes.

April 15 & 16, 2006
Saturday was a rebroadcast the show where Dr. Brad wrote and sang for us an Irish folk song; “The Gorillas and the Fish”.
On the 16th  we had great animal callers and the return of the Mystery Animal. We pretend there is an animal in studio with us and give you clues to see if you can guess the identity of our animal guest. This week’s clues:
When I’m on TV my tail is covered by a black box.
I have an opposable thumb on my foot.
Most people take the Irish out of my name.

Answer: Opossum

April 8 & 9, 2006
Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer from the National Geographic Channel came to talk to us about dogs and his new book. He is great you have to hear this interview.
Author of Heavenly Paws, Linda Austin, explains how her dog was reincarnated and came back to her…  what a concept.

April 2, 2006: GCN is still down, but we’re not out, email us with your animal questions.

April 1, 2006: rebroadcast (no foolin’)

March 25 & 26: rebroadcast while there was some retooling at our syndicator GCN.

March 18 & 19: A weight lifter wanted to know if there was a way to pump up his dog? Great animal information and a tricky trivia for an Animal Talk T-shirt; If you sat a chimp and a monkey in front of a mirror what would eventually happen? The chimp would eventually recognize himself and the monkey never would.

March 11 & 12: Dog doesn’t listen? Donna explains how your pocket fisherman can come in handy in dog training. You have to hear how in the second hour. Our first hour had great animal info and the ‘Bad Animal Joke of the Week’; What did the canary say when his cage fell apart? It’s cheap, cheap. Send in your joke

March 4 & 5:  The creators of a great new product KONG TIME, Dave and Sandy Rucker, joined us to talk about the KONG TIME. It is a fantastic new product that will help many dogs with separation anxiety. We love the KONG and we love the KONG TIME get one now at

February 25 & 26: Tons of animal fun and information. We mentioned the problems going on with the Detroit Zoo and the Detroit City Council and previewed a new product we like called KONG TIME.

February 18 & 19: Listen to the sounds of serenity. Our guest this week, Terry Woodford, created a CD of music that can help with hyper dogs and separation anxiety. The disc is called “Canine Lullabies”, initially invented to soothe infants in ICU units in hospitals, and is now being used to soothe dogs. You can find the disc at most online music sellers and at their  The disc is available free to all shelters and animal control agencies.

February 11 & 12, 2006: Celebrating the opening of the Olympics, we talked about the Opening Ceremonies & the Dancing cows…  yea, we didn’t understand it either.

February 4 & 5, 2006: Live from Detroit it’s Super Bowl Weekend and were here in Detroit for the special Super Bowl event. (ok we live in Detroit we’re here all the time, but we had a super time taking your animal questions this week.

January 28 & 29, 2006: Groundhog’s Day is on the way and we spoke to the Punxsutawney Posse out at the Gobbler’s Knob and Punxsutawney Phil about this year’s predictions.

January 21 & 22, 2006: Have you ever played the child’s board game “Battleship”? Have you ever tried to play it on the radio? We did; “Battleship” for an Animal Talk T-shirt and your calls.

January 14 & 15, 2006: Guest Brian Kilcommons spoke with us about, how now that you have that new puppy how do you train them. His new DVD called “My Smart Puppy” is a great tool for puppy training. Find it at We took calls about the strange names that we sometimes give our pets. One caller with seven cats had one called Serendipity that she called Sara.

January 7 & 8, 2006: guest from AKC Gail Miller gave us the scoop on the upcoming AKC National Championship in Tampa and broke the news about the most popular breed for 2005. For the 16th year in a row the Labrador Retriever was once again the most popular breed of dog registered with the AKC.

We also spoke about how to find the right dog for you.

January 1 & 2, 2006:  – rebroadcast






February 29, 2004

Best of… while we get set with our new satellite position and new broadcast partner. The Genesis Communications Network, find them, listen to us live on line, and get all the technical information about how to find our satellite signals at their web site.

February 28, 2004 Best of…

February 22, 2004

Our guest Jeannie Wolfington from Puppy Stairs, a great product for your dog visit her website and get the whole story.
Also we spoke to author of “Costal Disturbance” Jessica Speart. A novel about a wildlife agent and her adventures.
Our trivia today, In the movie Blazing Saddles what did Mongo ride into town on? Answer: An Ox.

February 21, 2004

Picking on PETA once again. Making fun of their failed attempt to change the name of Slaughterville to Veggieville.
Out trivia today: Who was the first President to bring a cat to live in the White House? Answer: Abraham Lincoln

February 15, 2004

A caller from the KFAB listening area, Jennifer, called to play the trivia and she also runs a St. Bernard rescue. She has several dogs up for adoption and is affiliated with a national group to help you find a dog wherever you live in the country. is the national site and is her personal site. They are not limited to Saints so they can help you find any type of dog Support your local rescue efforts!!!

February 14, 2004

Valentine’s Day our guest was David Kleinberg from telling us about the great deal for Animal Talk listeners when they buy Stop Trax the ultimate pet accessory and Animal Talk Approved product. Stop Trax is an ingenious litter containment system that keeps litter from being tracked throughout your house. Visit their website for all the facts.

Tricky Trivia today: What is the only land mammal that cannot jump? The elephant.

February 8, 2004

David Kleinberg from Kitty Maid again telling our Sunday listeners all about Stop Trax
February 7, 2004 Best of…

February 1, 2004

Super Show with great callers not watching the Super Bowl… Awesome Trivia… Name 10 NFL football teams named after animals.

January 31, 2004

PETA came up and we stated our position that PETA can be too extreme and take animal rights a bit far. PETA would like to see all pets removed from homes and we do not agree with that. Support your LOCAL shelter not PETA. A good national organization that fights animal testing is NAVS. Find them
Our tricky trivia for today was; What is the largest member of the dolphin family? The Orca or Killer Whale.

January 25, 2004

Tons of Animal Fun!!! Our trivia question for the day had to do with Star Trek, again not sure why.

January 24, 2004 Best of…

January 18, 2004

Do you have a Parrot that you would like to train? You need to meet our guest Tani Robar ‘The Bird Trick Guru’ winner from Pet Star on Animal Planet. She has a parrot training video that can teach you how to teach your bird.

January 17, 2004

Author of Fraternity of Silence from Seven Locks Press, Katherine Shephard called Animal Talk to discuss her book. 

January 11, 2004

  1. David & dr. Henri from or local affiliate WSDS are here to help us and help you with all your interpersonal relationships, people or pets.

January 10, 2004

The Show is on, the Kitty Show that is… RJ Sorenson produced a DVD/Video exclusively for cats that they absolutely love. Visit his web site to get all the details
Kay the Director of Operations for Pet Sitters International told us how to start in the pet sitting biz or how to find a quality responsible pet sitter. Visit their site
Many Jesus the art director of Art Asylum and the cool Star Trek collectables spoke with us about cool collectables on line and on ebay. (I am not sure exactly why except Mark is a Star Trek geek).

January 4, 2004

Listener from Detroit came in studio to have her dog evaluated by Dr. Brad. Phyllis was able to get the info she needed to help her puppy feel better. Thanks for coming in Phyllis.

January 3, 2004

Animal Trivia like no other… So much fun today. What is the largest member of the Antelope family? The Giraffe




December 28, 2003

Carolyn Shy from Forever Fresh on the phone letting us know about her great product and her appearance on QVC.

December 27, 2003

More Animal fun than the law will allow.

December 21, 2003

From the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Circus, John Kirtland came on to announce the arrival of Riccardo, an Asian Elephant born in captivity.
Steve Saxton from WSDS joined us in studio to chat it up and have some fun on the show. Steve got to play Animal Talk Match Game with us and the callers.

December 20, 2003

Tons of Christmas trivia fun!!!!

December 14, 2003

Dr. Elmo rejoins us for our Sunday show as well for more Christmas cheer and a very funny poem about cats and hairballs.

December 13, 2003

Dr. Elmo the writer and singer of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” joined us for some Christmas cheer and singing… Elmo is a retired vet and has several albums to his credit. Not all his song are Christmas song but they are all very twisted and fun. Get them on line

December 7, 2003

If you want to keep your cats entertained try the new video call The Kitty Show. RJ Sorensen was on to tell us all about how he created this one of a kind video for your cat.
Also on the air with us was the Almighty Stryker from ‘That Comic Book Show’.

December 6, 2003

Todd Asmuth of Smart Cat Products told us all about the great toy, ‘peek-a-prize’ from Smart Cat. Find it on line


No Jamie, but somehow the show went on.


Picking out a dog? That’s what we talked about today. Donna recommended a booked called ”The Right Dog For You”. Another place to look for information on breeds is

We also challenged our listeners to Stump the Chumps.


Norm & Carolyn Shy from “Forever Fresh”


Dr. Jill Richardson from Hartz telling us about all the great new toys for your furry family member, your cat or dog, just in time for the holidays.

Trisha Brown author of “Groucho’s Eyebrows” a story about a very cool cat. A wonderful children’s book available at all online booksellers.


Pam Flowers author of “Big Enough Anna” a children’s book about a brave dog and an Alaskan sledding adventure. Find it at all online booksellers.

Guest in studio, a major fish geek (and we mean that in a good way), Tom Campbell owner of the ‘Fish Doctor’ visit them here in Michigan. Lots of fish talk today.


Best of….


More Animal fun than the law will allow!!!!!


A discussion about Holistic Pet Care. Dr. Trish suggested a site on the web.


New Game today Animal Talk ‘Spell Down’ very easy game.

Guest: Tim Jobson giving his first report in a series in an ongoing series on the iditarod.


Mark stumped the Animal Talk listeners with his question about venomous spiders. What is the most venomous spider in the world that can actually hurt a human? (daddy longlegs’ fangs aren’t long enough to hurt humans). To know the answer you should be listening or send an email and find out.


The Halloween Show, everybody dresses up for a fun day of animal information. Check out the photo page to see what the Mark, Donna, Dr. Brad and Jamie dressed up like this year like this year.


Actor/Comedian Kevin Meany in Detroit and was kind enough to stop by the Animal Talk Studios to help us answer your pet questions and make us laugh.


New game today lots of fun !!!


Denise from Dr. Brad’s clinic, you have to hear her voice, she’s great.


The kind people from Chess Express, Jack & Kate, donated several chess sets to a local grade school and we had them on to talk about why they donated the sets and the services their company offers. They also donated 2 awesome chess sets to give away to our listeners a great endangered species set and a cool dog vs. cat set.

See all their great stuff at


Tons of Animological fun!

We were able to enjoy a cake from Mike’s Amazing Cakes. Mike McCarey told us how they do it. You have to see the cake to believe it. Check out our photo section and see


Beth from a cat rescue call to tell us about the work she does. Find out about her service

Liam Aiken, star of the movie “The Good Boy”, helps with a tricky trivia in the second hour.


Jamie in the driver seat once again. Mark doing a Live remote at a “Paws for a Cause” pet fundraiser and awareness program in AR.


Mark talking about his trip to Poland to help European pet product manufactures.

Revisited our interview with George Plimpton who passed away on the 26th.

Laurna Holmes from the UK. – maker of pet toys Wag Tails Company introducing European pet toys to the US. (like what, right hand drive dog beds?)


So many guests Glenn Murry, author of “Walter the Farting Dog”. Lauren Ford from Litter Robot on line

And Liam Aiken star of the new movie “Good Boy” we also spoke to the director John Hoffman.

9-20 & 21-03 Best of….


Mark just returning from a pet trade show with tons of information.


Cat facts

Dogs running in to the street… what to do?


Kirby the stock tip cat. Caller poll do you kiss your pet?


Dr. Roland Trip from Pet Mate talking about a new waterfall cat water dish.

8-30 & 31-03 Best of… and yet still funny


Helping callers with cat troubles. Donna suggested Sticky Paws to keep the cats off things.


Rita Rudner, actress/comedian talking about her new TV program (check your local listings) and her Vegas show that features her dog Bonkers. Rind her on the web

Jamie in the big chair again, Dr. Brad on the phone and Donna in studio. Mark was late oops.


Mark gets in to a ‘bit’ about funny consumer warnings.

Rita Rudner, actress/comedian talking about her new TV program (check your local listings) and her Vegas show that features her dog Bonkers. Rind her on the web


Dr. Trish from Animal Cops on the Animal Planet telling us about the inner working of the MI Humane Society.


Spoke with the creators of the best and coolest automated litter box on the market the Litter Robot. Find them on the web


Mark running late Jamie gets to ‘drive the bus’ for a while… and the fun ensues.


Great calls from all over today. Dr. Brad had a stellar moment with his ‘little horse’ joke. If you missed it, sorry it was classic. Callers were looking for help with lots of crazy cats today.


Great callers today having fun with the trivia games and questions that led to a discussion about snakes and what can be done with unwanted visiting snakes in basements or under the house. One caller suggested a newspaper article to help.


Mark, Dr. Brad and Donna make your world Animalogically safe and sound.


Our first Saturday Noon – 2 broadcast on the i.e. America Radio Network. Joining our crew as a regular is Dr. Trish Madsen DVM from the Michigan Humane Society and cast member of “Animal Cops” on Animal Planet.


Clever Cat Box… Great item… find them on the web and get all the info


Mark just returned from a trade show and had some products to review. Lots of great calls.


No Jamie… and yet things were able to continue. Mark did a ‘redneck’ bit… it was almost funny too.


Back to full strength… Discussion led to how movies can cause over breeding of the featured animal.

Tetra Corp. and their appearance on the early show on CBS caused a stir in the aquarium would.


Mark’s back… and feeling better. Fun show and good callers.


In studio… Kittens, Kittens and more Kittens!!! Mattie Gauge brought us kittens to run wild in the studio. Mattie fosters kittens and other animals in her spare time and has become something of an expert on the subject, she helped us take calls about raising cats.
Your pet’s health is so very important and is becoming more and more expensive. Mr. Mark Warren from Pet Care shared with us some information about how the new trend in pet insurance is helping pet owners provide a better life for their pets. They will also donate a bowl of food to shelters for every new policy sold. Get all the information at their website


Our friend Mark Honas landed in the hospital, leaving the show to Jamie, Donna, and Brad. They were able to pull it off and pass out tons of quality animal information.


So much animal fun!!! Open phones and great callers.
Review of the ‘listener feedback line’ calls.


We love being close to our animals and pet psychic Denise Zak can help you get inside your pet’s mind and thoughts. She was right on with her diagnosis of Mark’s snake, Smudge, and Denise was able to help a couple of our listeners as well. You will be hearing more from Denise on Animal Talk but until then you can get a reading for your pet through her website


When there is a new morph in the reptile world you know Mark will be on it. Ron Tremper is breeding Giant Leopard Geckos. (Like they need to be bigger Yikes!) It is a 12-inch Monster check it out on his site.


The inventor of a new product called “Puppy Stairs”, Jeannie Wolfington, told us all about the advantages of her new steps. Find her on line at


PEEPS! PEEPS! PEEPS! Our show that falls on Easter usually winds up being a discussion about everyone’s favorite holiday snack PEEPS! This year was no different. Our guests Lauren Easterly from the makers of Peeps, Just Born.

We spoke to Genevive Baillie from

David from told us about his site.

We also had a ton of fun with Sue Clarke who is without a doubt one of the world’s biggest peep enthusiasts. Check out her site


Jorge Calandria of AAFES and First Sergeant Jeff Reilly called in to talk about teaming up with Animal Talk to set up an outreach program to assist our brave men and women serving our country.

We talked about an alternative to choke collars and mentioned Karen Pryor’s


Mark & family just adopted another Bengal kitten. In studio Heather Poirier from Catmando Bengals, tells us all about her love Bengal Cats.

Odor Free helps get the stink out of well… poop. Sharon Bradshaws gave us the scoop on how to take the stink out of your pet’s poop and all the other funky smelling pet stuff. Get all the info at their website:


Bug Co. guy Gordy Vadis buggin’ us and letting us know all about the products available at . Supplying live food to zoos, schools, labs, pet stores and the avid hobbyist.

Robb Aldridge visited with Animal Talk to tell us about the cool and kitschy gurgling fish jugs. You have to see and hear them to believe them.


In Studio Christine Reed, pet storeowner speaking out about the dangers of over popularity due to animals being used in movies. The latest craze, rats due to the movie, Willard.

Mark Hanson inventor of Aquarium Cleaners. A clever magnetic way to clean your fish tank glass.


Greg Miller, This guy has serious cojones. Neuticles are replacement parts for dogs that have been altered. Get all the information you need at


In studio and talkin about stink, Norm Shy from Forever Fresh Odor Eliminator. It is nature’s way of removing odors; find them on line at

We also had Jenny Schlip from the Detroit Kennel Club on to tell us about the DKC 90th & 91st Annual All-Breed Dog Shows, Saturday & Sunday, March 15th & 16th, 2003 at Cobo Convention Center, Detroit, Michigan. Get all the info at


Wanna play Animal Talk Match Game? Mark just returned from a trade show with a bunch of prizes to give away, so we played a lot of games and gave away a ton of prizes this week on Animal Talk.


Open lines… tons of animal fun and tons of your calls…


Dr. Tom Willard from Totally Ferret tells us about some awesome ferret food.
From Spider patch,Darwin talking to us about breeding spiders. Captive Bred Tarantulas


Mikki & Lance from Living Color, makers of aquariums and corals All About Phoebe, is all about pampering your pooch, as we learned from Holly Haistings. She told us about all the great products you can get to treat your pup like a prince.


We celebrated Mistress Donna’s birthday on the show today, it’s not too late to wish her a happy birthday send her a greeting
We also talked about turtle conservation with Tony Simmons, get all the turtle info you could ever want at the following links:
Marty La Prees INdiana TURTLE CARE, Inc.


So much animal fun!!! Regular listener Victor called in to thank Animal Talk for helping him fix his long distance relationship. Wow we even help people sometimes too.


RATS!!! Once again we share some time with the ‘Rat Lady’ Debbie Ducommon
Also talking bird toys beyond compare with Diane Wimmer from Wranglers Roost


WAKE UP!!! Bread bans will cost us all. Voice your opinion and if you want to sign a petition against breed bans visit
Our guest this week Stacy Emmel helped to shed some light on the current trends in breed bans.


Tons and tons of animal fun & games!!! Stay tuned for more!





The Animal Talk Holiday party complete with pigs, guinea pigs from professional cavy breeder, Heather Bondra and Andie’s Americans Caviary. Catch all the cuteness on the web


In studio Heather Poirier from Catmando Bengals, tells us all about her love Bengal Cats.
Rats, they’re not just for breakfast anymore. Debby Ducommun “The Rat Lady” Tell us all about these alternative pets.
Rand Grimm is the subject of a new book called “The Man Who Talks To Dogs”.
Again we also spoke to the maker of the PUP (Pet Utility Parka) Ren Moulton about all his great products visit them on line.


Doggy licks, because they can. Sally Boysseau created a treat to keep your dog busy and happy called Doggy Licks, find out more at

Heather Irbinska professional horse trainer and developer of a line of safety gear for horses joined us as an expert for the hour. See her Snap-Back Leads at they are great for dogs too!

Also Fish info is Christian Stimsteimer’s life get his Analog Aquatic Book Series sold everywhere.


So much animal fun this week as we said good-bye to Bigfoot!

Ray Ramora tells us about the My Pet Flexi Bird Perch call for info or to order; 970-332-3505


In for the vacationing Dr. Brad our favorite personality from the TV show “Animal Cops” on the Animal Planet, Dr. Trish, wise and sexy how can you go wrong with that.
David Brown from Stellar Products out the busy balls at his site.


Dr. Brad makes a plea for Animal Talk listeners to vote us on to Hollywood Squares. Help out at Go to the message boards and put up a post asking for us. (Thanks)


So much animal fun this week on Animal Talk. The debut of the song “Makin’ Poopie” and lots of fun callers


Author Pam Percy told us all about The Complete Chicken, her book is available at all the on line book sellers and from the publisher

Some of the best bird toys ever made are coming from Larry Zaineb and City Scene Bird Toys ask for them by name where you by your bird supplies or online at


Adam Keller from Cages By Design, reptile, bird and small animal enclosures

The Author of “The Doggie Diary” Julia Hutton


Our Halloween show on Animal Talk and we had a zoo crew. Our in studio guests were Norm Shy, who can get the stink out of anything with Zealite Odor Remover find him at We also had in studio Jay Nelms maker of reptile cages and tropical rainforest enclosures. They are a sight to behold, find them at http://www.jworlds.netIn honor of Halloween we were dressed for a journey into the supernatural and our guide was Majorie Baker Price talking about the animal in all of us and that might just be a warewolf. Take a journey with Majorie at


Adam Katz dog trainer with a $10,000 challenge for our listeners.
David Brown from Stellar Products out the busy balls
The operator of a big cat animal sanctuary called “Rescue One” Ellen Martin help if you can
Bird toys beyond compare from Diane Wimmer


We got all the info for pets on the go from Angie Giguere from
Author Suzanne Clothier of “Bones Would Rain From The Sky” from Flying Dog Press.


On the show actress/author Mimi Kennedy from the TV show Darhma & Greg. Mimi is an animal lover and Animal Talk fan. Hear the interview in hour one. Find out what’s next for Mimi at Hour two gives us a bad “list” of cartoon animal pet peeves and an interview with the people from Aristopet.


Hour one saw an aggressive dog questions answered and in the second hour our guest was Todd Findley, internet host of a cat boxing site, how do you not make fun of that.


On a promotional tour for his new movie “The Tuxedo” Jackie Chan sat down to talk with us. Hear some highlights in the 2nd hour.
In our first hour we spoke with Dr. Alex Hershaft about “World Farm Animal Day” coming up in October.


Author Ann K. Fisher “Living In Shadows, How To Help the Stray Cat in Your Life (without adding to the problem)” or buy it at


Henry and Sons makers of vegetarian dog cookies and treats, they’re baked fresh daily.

Ectotherm™ is the industry leader in producing innovative products for the herpetological, and invertebrate industry. Advanced premium diets for your scaly friends. Your pets will love the Yummies.


Author Cindy Stone — The Incidental Guru
Dan Knodle inventor of the Twist Step


Marcia Kramer spoke with us about how your dog’s behavior could land you in jail. Get all the legal reasons at her website:
Tony from also checked in with us.
The maker of Critter Cookies, Christine Hubbard.


We again spoke with both sides of the Greyhound racing debate.
Ron Hevener (along with Fred Fulchino, Jim Roche, Brian Lee, Wendy Hamilton, Owen Johnson) from the Greyhound Racing Association of America and
From Grey 2K USA Carey Thiel (along with Jill Hopfenbeck, DVM, Virgina McKean, Brian Sodergren, Michael Trombley)


In studio our guest Brian & Leslie MacDonald creators of Sweet Slumber Dog Beds.
Ren Moulton gives away a “PUP” (Puppy Utility Parka). Get all the specs on the PUP and their hands free leash the “re-leash”
Carol Frank from Avian Adventures, bird cages with the bird in mind.
Looking for a skunk as a pet? Get information first.
Click Here


This week on Animal talk our guests were Steve & Teri Irwin, The Croc Hunter!! They spoke with us about being wildlife warriors and their new movie. Visit Steve & Teri on line
Carla Mitchell and her new CD “I’m A Green Chicken” by the way Carla is a parrot. Skip Haynes from Laurel Canyon Animal Co. told us all about it.
Rick Arnholt from Coral Dynamics selling a variety of captive raised corals.


Wanna Throw a party for your pet, Smiling Dog dot Net has every thing from party hats to cakes.

Jim Owens Creator of the “Cat Hole” an indoor cat door.


We spoke with both sides of the Greyhound debate.
Ron Hevener from the Greyhound Racing Association of America and
From Grey 2K USA Cary Thiel

We also had a discussion about the forest fires and their impact on the wilderness out west. Who or What is to blame for these fires?
Bill Banzahf from The Society of American Foresters
Chris Mehl of the Wilderness Society


John Kildow creator of the perfect place to shop for your pet on line, Pet
They have a special 25% off for Animal Talk Listeners ask for it. Shop for food, toys and treats at a discount and online.

Susan Neves from Litter Lofts designer litter box houses.

Lil Bow Wow spoke with us about his new movie “Like Mike”. Visit his site to keep up with news from the dog pound.


Mike from spoke with us about cool cat furniture

In the spotlight is Andy Busse with his acrylic aquariums call 616-514-5050
or find them on the web

We also spoke with Gary Ras who created both and 866-240-9588


Aunt Annie Tells us how to make cat toys from everyday household stuff.


Inventors of the new soft-e-collar and bonafido no pull leash


Steve Templman from “Take Your”
Where and how to take your pet on vacation!

Alan Soskel Creator of the World’s Finest Feline Furniture


Dr. Tom LaValle creator of the “Take Control Dog Leash”

Benny Nugtert inventor of the “Springer”
safely walk your dog while on your bike


Gwen Miller Animal Astrologer
Get your pet’s star chat done.


Sevi Kay from Cyber
the makers of Grrrrooom Dog Products


Dr. Ola Ayeni from Animal


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