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Jerry Seinfeld

An interview with Jerry Seinfeld when he came to Detroit promoting the Bee Movie. Recorded in September of 2007. Advertisements

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Ted Nugent

Interview with Ted Nugent (Plus the rest of the show out of order, but a riot). Ted’s birthday was earlier this week, so we dusted this interview off. Original air … Continue reading

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Paul Watson – Animal Planet’s Whale Wars

Interview with Captain Paul Watson from the Animal Planet’s Whale Wars. (recorded 6-1-11)

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Fred Willard

Fred Willard joins us to talk about hosting the Fido Awards on Nick At Night and all the great roles he has had over the years. Such an honor to … Continue reading

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Andrea Arden – Underdog to Wonderdog (4-19-2009)

Andrea Arden, author of several dog books, host of Animal Planet’s “Underdog to Wonderdog”, and so much more. We talk about how President Obama and his first family picked the … Continue reading

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Showtime Eric Young

From the TV show Extreme Catches professional wrestler Showtime Eric Young. (original airdate 6-16-13)

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Zac Barnett Of American Authors

Animal Talk Interview With Zac Barnett Of American Authors (8-1-2016) Some new content from Animal Talk. The lead singer of American Authors, Zac Barnett, gets on the phone with Jamie … Continue reading

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Jon Provost from the Lassie TV Series

Animal Talk Interview With Jon Provost From The Lassie TV Series Jon is awesome. We played a ‘What’s My Line’ style game before we started the interview. Jon is a … Continue reading

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Victoria Stilwell – It’s Me Or The Dog

Interview with Victoria Stillwell from Animal Planet’s Its Me or the Dog. Original air date: April 25, 2010 Animal Talk helping people with their pets. Celebrity interviews, fun, skits, news, … Continue reading

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Lassie (Yes, The TV Dog)

Lassie, yes the dog from many, many movies and TV shows. We speak with her vet tech about how the Lassie tradition continues.  

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