Maryellen Hooper

We interview MaryEllen Hooper on our very first show on KMOX in St. Louis. MaryEllen is a funny lady and a huge animal lover. This is an old show and you will hear Mark Honas and Brian Donovan in the mix.
Original air date 12-10-2000


Dennis Fallon & Vivienne Cardon

Special guests today from the movie All Roads Lead Home Director Dennis Fallon and actress Vivienne Cardon. It is a touching story about second chances and family. It is all based on a farm and around animals and pets. Look for it out on video now. This was Peter Boyle’s last movie and we ask Dennis and Vivienne what it was like working with such an icon. Journalism student Sarah Politis joins the panel to help with the interview. In the second hour we cover great animal questions and give away DVDs. Copies of “The Great Polar Bear Adventure” to some lucky listeners.
Original Air Date 1-25-2009

Tippi Hedren

Tippi Hedren is not only a great actress, but she is an amazing animal activist. Her passion is the Shambala preserve where big cats are rescued and given a chance at something of a natural life. We have interviewed Tippy a couple times. She is always willing to talk about the big cats she is trying to save.

Original airdate January 29, 2011