Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter

In honor of Steve Irwin Day coming up on Nov. 15th we revisit an interview we had with the late great Steve Irwin and his wife Teri. They were promoting the Croc Hunter movie and all the fantastic work they did as wildlife warriors. Their work continues as Steve’s memory & work continues with the celebration on the 15th. Wear your kakis. (Original air date 7-21-2002)



Andrea Arden – Underdog to Wonderdog (4-19-2009)

Andrea Arden, author of several dog books, host of Animal Planet’s “Underdog to Wonderdog”, and so much more. We talk about how President Obama and his first family picked the first dog. No surprise, but there was a little bit of controversy, but what can we learn from their experience. The show starts with an email question and we follow up with more animal fun.
(original air date 4-19-2009).

Zac Barnett Of American Authors

Animal Talk Interview With Zac Barnett Of American Authors (8-1-2016)

Some new content from Animal Talk. The lead singer of American Authors, Zac Barnett, gets on the phone with Jamie and his journalism summer workshop students. We talk about the band and their recent appearance at the Democratic National Convention. We do get to pets eventually. The audio is fair, not fantastic, but it is a good interview.