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It's America's Pet Show

Animal Talk Radio

Animal Talk helping people with their pets. Celebrity interviews, fun, skits, news, pet products, training tip, environmental issues, Animal Talk, it’s America’s Pet Show!

We talk about what you do to your animals and what your animals do to you.

Jamie, Donna, Brian, and Dr. Brad, we’re here to help you with your pets; it’s Animal Talk. “Animal Talk” has it all, starting with our show hosts: Donna, Brian, Dr. Brad, and Jamie. Donna is ‘Mother Nature’s second cousin’; she handles the training and behavior issues with your pets, and the rest of the Animal Talk crew too. Dr. Brad Davis, DVM and chief of staff for the Garden City VCA, is a graduate of Michigan State University and a writer with a pet advice column in a major metro Detroit newspaper. Brian Barczyk is our resident reptile expert. He is the 3rd largest reptile breeder in the U.S., hosts SnakeBytesTV on YouTube, and now the star of Venom Hunters on the Discovery Channel. Add Jamie a radio host from the leading Hot AC radio station in Detroit and you have the ultimate animal radio crew. Throw in celebrity interviews, animal profiles, trivia questions, product give-a-ways, comedy skits, and most important of all, great caller interaction you then have a radio phenomenon not to be missed.

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